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Guernsey Milk

Full of A2 Goodness

HELLO MUM! Can your milk help Autism?

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Unique Property of Guernsey Milk - 1

Beta Carotene - As this is not digested and broken down by Guernsey cows, it creates the wonderful golden colour in the milk and its products.

Unique Property of Guernsey Milk - 2

Omega 3 - Guernsey milk is naturally better balanced than other milks, with test results showing it to have one part omega 3 to two parts omega 6, whereas all other milks are one part omega 3  to six parts omega 6.

Unique Property of Guernsey Milk - 3

Beta Casein A2 - Guernsey milk has a naturally high percentage of Beta Casein A2 (tested to be more than 95% of A2). Other milks have shown to be between 40% (Jersey milk) and 15% (Holstein milk).
Around the globe there is already awareness of the potential benefits of Guernsey A2 milk. Here we aim to give you useful links to Non-UK suppliers.
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1   Link   Great Hill Blue-Boston, USA
Snippet taken from their website -
Located on the shores of Buzzard's Bay, 50 Miles south of Boston, Great Hill Dairy in Marion has been known for its outstanding herd of Guernsey cows as well as its prize winning Acacia and Orchid collections.

2   Link   Jackson Farm Home-Oroville, USA
Sally Jackson's cheese based at Oroville, USA. Sally's cheeses are of three kinds of milk: Goat, Cow, and Sheep. Most are custom made for her customers and are either mold ripened leaf wrapped cheeses or occasional larger, pressed semi-soft wheels.
3   Link   BrownCow-New York, USA
Snippet taken from their website -
The Brown Cow LLC is proud to present their Super Premium Homemade Ice Cream made from the highest quality milk from Pure Bred Registered Guernsey Cows from their own C&S Farms. The all Natural, Farm Fresh Ice Cream from this Company carries the Golden Guernsey Trademark Brand and is guaranteed to be made of 100% Golden Guernsey milk. The Brown Cow LLC not only provides the Farm Fresh Homemade regular Ice Cream Flavors but they are also in the process of developing a line of Distinctive Farm Fresh Specialty Flavors. The Ice Cream Cellar is proud to present this line of the highest quality Ice Cream Products from a distinguished farm and dairy establishment in Upstate New York.
4   Link   Sweet Home Farm - Alabama, USA
They produce a large number of different cheeses which is unfortunately only available direct from the farm. Please note their sense of humour at the bottom of the page!
5   Link   Upper Canada Cheese Company-Toronto, Canada
Ontario, Canada. Producing 3 different products available through various stores and restaurants. This link will take you directly to their 'Where to Buy' page.
6   Link   Bittersweet Plantation-Wisconsin, USA
Some interesting cheeses. They also produce Goats milk products. Simply click the stop button if you don't want to hear or listen to their commercials.
7   Link   Gay's Dairy-Prince Albert, South Africa
South Africas leading Guernsey product producer.
8   Link   Maleny Dairys, Queensland, Australia
Australias most successful Guernsey milk retailer/processor.
9   Link   Lucky Layla-Texas, USA
American Guernsey and Jersey cows turned into awarding winning Artisan dairy products.
10   Link   Golden Glen Creamery - Washington State
Golden Glen Creamery is a family owned and operated dairy and creamery found in the heart of the beautiful and bountiful Skagit Valley in Washington State.

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